" Leads School System "

" Importance of Public Speaking "

While hosting the event which was organized for Independence Day at UET Lahore,  when we sing the national anthem at the beginning of the event it gave me a fresh feel like always and I felt so enthusiastic, there were students from different departments were there to participate in different competitions. And, just because I was hosting the event I tried to make the environment lighter by having some words with the students sitting over there. I invited the participants one by one to present what was prepared by them for the competition, they came and as we all know, the best one always wins but it doesn’t mean that others were not good because those came and even show their courage to face the audience was also appreciable, the competition was concluded with the certificate distribution ceremony.


" Importance of Public Speaking "

The topic of lecture while interacting with the participants of the Prime Minister’s National Innovation Award at Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science, UET Lahore was Public Speaking and how it is important in various aspects of life including personal and professional life, I have tried to make to make it easy for all the participants sitting there that how public speaking plays a pivotal role and how confidence is important in this regard, I have quoted some examples and tried to involve the audience by adding humor in it. I got a good response from the audience through their participation in the session thoroughly, I have concluded the lecture with the question and answer session so that there will be no ambiguity left in the minds of the entrant sitting over there.


" Certificate distribution Ceremony "

While attending a certificate distribution ceremony for the pass-out students of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, I interacted with the aspirants. I asked them about the experiences that they have gone through. I asked the students about their takeaways from the diploma. I am glad that I have got a good response from them. The aspirants shared their experiences of how this diploma became so beneficial for them to move forward, it was also good to know that many of the students are doing good on the digital platform who were used to be camera shy before doing it, now they are empowered and confident enough to speak in front of the masses.

I got positive vibes from the aspirants that how they changed themself and how they got motivated by some of my lectures, it is always a pleasure meeting with the media aspirants because they always have a spark and devotion to do something in their life, they always have a spark and motivation to move forward. I concluded the session by distributing the certificates among the students, I also asked for feedback to overcome the shortcomings and in the end, I got good feedback from the students.

" How to get transformed? "

While interacting with the students of UCP on the topic that “How we transform people?”  As we all know that transformation is a marked change in nature or appearance and it is a famous saying that “If you don’t like something, change it. Transformation always plays a pivotal role in beautifying your personality, if you feel that your personality is not good then you can transform yourself, as we all know that no one is perfect but yes we can overcome defects by improving our personality, for example if anyone is facing the taunts of body shaming then he or she can overcome that issue by working hard on it. I also quoted my example of transformation and showed my before and after pictures to the students so that if they can get any inspiration from it.

I shared some useful tips so that it could be helpful for the students moreover I told them that how we transform people in our organization and how helpful it is for the aspirants,c I gave an open invitation to the students to come to me if they really want to transform themselves but before that they should analyze themselves that where they are lacking and how they can overcome their flaws because transformation at any phase in life is always very important as everyone want to look beautiful and for that they have to work on it and I assure them that I will guide them in either ways if they are determined, I tried hard to guide them and concluded the session in a good environment in the flare of claps.

"The Journey of successful media person "

I was invited as a guest speaker at UMT Lahore, where while participating in a seminar on “The secret of a successful media person” I shared my personal experiences that how I faced hardships and which barriers came in my path, I also shared the story of winning 17 debating competitions in a row. It is in my nature to do everything whole heartedly, it was the dream of my family to be an engineer and I made their dream come true but to be an engineer was not my dream that’s why my real struggle started after becoming an engineer, I shared my struggling period with the students just because if anyone will get inspiration from it then my objective will be fulfilled.

I also shared it with the students that how I started journey towards my desired field, how I tried hard to be in the media industry. I was a student when I went to the media house and after a long struggle my dream came true and now it’s been almost 14 years that I am in this industry, currently doing a current affairs program named “Dastak” at 24 News HD. I shared the secrets of being a successful media person by sharing the situations I have been through. I concluded the session by answering the multiple queries of the students, to interact with the youngsters is always being the best experience for me.          


"Summit on Soft Skills"

While participating in the “Summit on soft skills” at UET Lahore as a guest speaker, the basic objective of the summit was to develop an understanding among the students about how to communicate effectively and overcome fright. The basic objective of the summit was to create an understanding among the youngsters that what are the basic reasons for fear and how to kick out the fear from your heart.

How to communicate effectively and how to grab the attention of the audience were the highlights of the whole speech. I concluded the session by sharing my own experience of debates and public speaking, I tried to create an environment of humor and really tries to engage the audience by sharing different tips.

"Curtain Raising Ceremony of ALIF-LAAM-MEEM "

While participating in the panel discussion on “Being Compassionate in today’s globalized world” at E-library Gaddafi stadium Lahore. The main agenda of the discussion was to create a basic understanding of how compassion has evolved and what still may unite all people. It was also discussed why people feel rigid if encouraged to visit Old Age Homes and awareness can be spread to encourage people?

The highlight of the whole session was about encourage others is a good gesture and instead of feeling rigid, we should feel proud enough to do so. I concluded the session by giving some important tips that can hopefully be helpful for creating awareness for all the people sitting in the audience and maybe in the panel as well as learning has no age.

Workshop on Public Speaking

"Workshop on Public Speaking"

While participating in the 1st inter-departmental declamation competition at UET Lahore as a guest speaker, the aim of the session was guiding the youngsters about “The power of speech and debate”. I involved the students in an activity just to check their attentiveness which was up to the mark, apart from everything I shared my experience of debates and speeches at different levels, I shared that how I have an affiliation with the literature.

I tried to discuss everything on a lighter note and shared my experience so that it could be easily understandable for all the aspirants sitting in the audience as to entangle the audience and grab their point of interest is a bit difficult at the end, the interest and involvement of the students in the session was appreciable.

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He remained an unbeaten public speaker in his academic career where he secured dozens of consecutive first positions in several national and provincial debates and declamation contests.