What is State/ Elements and Types of State

While delivering a lecture to the media aspirants for the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, I chose a very different topic today to create awareness among the students although it sounds a bit difficult to most of the students, for becoming an anchor, it is important to know that what is meant by state and different elements of the state. It was just to create an understanding among the aspirants so that they would easily differentiate in the future that in which state they are living in.

In the second half of the lecture, it was discussed what politics is all about and why it is so important moreover, I asked every student what is their opinion about politics in other words what they know about it.  I gave chance to all the students to share their points of view and students participated in the discussion besides, different political examples were also quoted just to develop an interest of the students. Students also wrote on different topics and they presented what they wrote, I concluded the lecture by letting the students perform an activity of reading and also sharing their pronunciation mistakes.

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