What is Journalism| Types and Essentials of News.

While giving a lecture to the students of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, the main objective of the class was to guide the students about what journalism is all about and it was really helpful for those who don’t have an educational background of the mass communication and it was conducted just to let them know what is actually the basic difference between information and news and I also quoted some examples just to let them understand about the basic difference in it. I was intended to basically guide them on the basic difference that what basic news is all about and what types of news, I also asked the students sitting over there what they might know but they were actually confused about the types and beats of News.

I also guided them that what are basic essentials and elements of news that really make it worthy, I asked the students different questions from time to time just to make the session more interested and just get to know how much aware they are, as always, I gave equal chance to everyone to speak and also gave a chance to the online students to raise their questions. I concluded the class with the question and answer session so that all the ambiguities should be clear from the minds of the aspirants and I tried to address all the queries to make the delivered lecture even more clear to the students of the diploma.

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