What is Communication?| Components of Communication

While delivering a lecture to the students of ”Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, the main objective of the class was to guide the students on what is conversation and monotonous always kills the charm of communication,  it was also suggested to the students that effective communication always plays a pivotal role in convincing anyone. A few of my personal experiences were also shared with the aspirants sitting in the audience, I also stated the difference between communication and effective communication so that it would be clearly understandable for the aspirants with a few examples.
It was also brought into a discussion how body language, words, and tone play a vital role in making communication effective, moreover, I also guided the students that what are the components of communication and how the pronunciation can be improvised words can be added to the vocabulary. I was focused on this thing that if you want to be a good speaker then you should be a good listener as well, I concluded the session by guiding them that newspaper reading is essential if anyone wants to be an anchor.

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