Another shocking audio of Maryam Nawaz | Ishaq Dar returns | Analysis By Rehan Tariq
Nawaz Sharif got NRO !!! | Maryam Nawaz departed for London? | Analysis by Rehan Tariq
The important happenings were shared in the video, first of all, the return of Ishaq Dar was brought into a discussion that how he will stabilize the economy, the misbehaving of the people in the UK with Maryam Aurangzeb was also discussed and how disgusting it is to behave with a female like that. The important matter of the leaked audio was also shared with the viewers, it is still a big question who is behind this recording? The most important decisions are made in London as Nawaz Sharif is a defacto PM which is actually a big question mark on the credibility of the government. The extension matter of the COAS was also discussed and he will get the extension from the courts like before.
It was brought into discussion that how the accused are getting relief in the cases which were made due to political victimization, the news of Ishaq Dar reaching Pakistan are also in the air as he got big relief from the accountability court today. The comparative analysis between Miftah Ismail and Ishaq Dar was was shared, Miftah Ismail's tenure of being a finance minister will be ended on 26th October and it will not be extended as he is neither a senator nor MNA, it is a big question whether Ishaq Dar will stabilize the economy or not.
The important appointment and the extension was discussed, at this point in time a clear message has been given that early elections are not ned of the hour when Pakistan is facing a bad situation due to flood. Imran Khan is fully forcing that the new COAS should not be appointed by the current government, it was also discussed that Imran Khan will file a petition against it, what Imran khan will do related to this is a big question mark now whether he will do protest or long march?
Imran Khan Got Big Relief | Islamabad High Court Big Verdict | Analysis By Rehan Tariq
A meeting between Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif was brought into the discussion and it was discussed that various important decisions were made in this meeting. The inside story of the PTI Core Committee is also shared, capturing the argument that there are differences of opinion between the party establishment and anti-establishment. The main problem is his COAS appointment and there is a disagreement between the government and PTI. PTI appears to be very dynamic, the Punjab throne remains inconsistent as the government seeks to regain full power in Punjab.
Imran Khan meeting with Raphel ???| Analysis by Rehan Tariq
The echo of the political change in Punjab is heard, Pervez Ilahi will be set aside soon and it is a big question that who will be the next CM Punjab, it was also shared by Imran Khan that Mr.X and Y really want to change the Punjab government. The lavish expenditures of the CM house were shared with the viewers in detail, where the flood victims are dying of hunger the expenses of the CM house in Punjab are increasing, and everyone seems busy serving the flood victims whereas CM Punjab was looking nowhere to serve the victims, changes will be seen soon in the future in Punjab.
ImportanThe changes in the political scene are seen in the last 24 hours, It was brought into the discussion which thing compelled Imran Khan to down his tone and change his strategy, the movement of minus one is intensified now. The decision of the indictment on Imran Khan was just an eye wash actually it was done for squeezing the political space of Imran Khan. It was also brought into a discussion that there will be no extension given to the army chief and a new army chief will be appointed and it will be decided by the PM, what will happen regarding elections in the coming days was also discussed.t meeting between Imran Khan and the establishment | Analysis By Rehan Tariq
It was shared that the establishment has presented its new condition to Imran Khan but Imran Khan still stands on his stance and he showed it by his address in different jalsas which shows that he will not leave his narrative of being aggressive after being indicted. He also said the CEC is the worse of all, he thinks that he has public power and he will going to address in the Gujranwala today, is the same place where the ex-PM Nawaz Sharif also addressed for the last time and threaten the leaders of the Pak Army, there is news that the movement of changing the CM Punjab is getting faster and Imran Khan knows it well, it is intended to give Punjab to PML N, Sindh to PPP and Balochistan to the BAP. Imran Khan should understand that it is impossible to get two third majority because PML N and PPP also have a majority, there is a clear message to Imran Khan to come to the parliament for the negotiation and agreed on the extension given to someone who was already given in the reign of Imran khan otherwise Imran Khan will be set aside.
The transgender rights protection bill 2018 was brought into a discussion that it was a landmark act that talks about the rights of the transgenders and it were made to make them empowered and it was appreciated by the transgender activist and social activists, now the amendment bill brought into the senate after being passed by the National assembly, it is objectionable in the senate by some of the Islamic parties because of the wordings used in it that anyone can declare his or her gender ad per the self-perception and the condition of declaring yourself male or female was also shared, the main objection is that the inheritance right will be contradictory according to the Islamic laws and it will be against the dignity and modesty, it will also promote homosexuality, the Islamic parties have reservations that it should be consulted by the Islamic scholars.
There are speculations that Imran Khan will be ineligible and will be out of the elections, but the important thing is there are important meetings underway and the important politicians are meeting with Imran Khan who has a good relationship with the civil lead, the important hearing in IHC was also shared that Athar Min Allah denotified the resignation of Abdul Shakoor Shad. It was also brought into a discussion that Imran Khan said that he is being asked to come for the negotiation moreover, the imported government canceled the by-elections because they know that no one can stop Imran Khan from winning the by-elections.
Imran Khan was brought to the court in full proof of security, the important remarks of the court were also brought into the discussion, and also discuss that how many types of contempt actually exist, further contempt cases were also discussed and it was said by the court that criminal contempt is the most dangerous and the reply submitted by the Imran Khan has declared unsatisfactory, the followers were not allowed to enter in the premises of the court moreover further proceedings were also shared.
The two main and important news were shared with the viewers, the case of Maryam Nawaz's passport was brought into discussion she requested to get her passport back and a hearing was expected but the constituted bench was dissolved and it is for the 5th time that the bench was dissolved, Maryam Nawaz wants to go to the UK just to meet his father for getting the instructions from him although, Shahbaz Sharif also wanted to go to the UK unable to go because of the recent flood situation, on the other hand, the contempt case of Imran Khan will also be heard today in IHC by the bench comprised on 5 members presided by Ather Min Allah, all the eyes are on the case that what decision will be given by the court whether Imran Khan will be punished or he will be forgiven.
The thrilling match played between Pakistan and Afghanistan but the UAE administration become more active in the arrest of the Afghan fans who really destroyed the peaceful environment on the ground. The amazing inning of Naseem Shah was also discussed that his last 2 sixes helped Pakistan to make a place in the finals, and also kicked out India and Afghanistan from the tournament, there are different analysts of India on social media were started celebrating before the time, but they knew the consequence afterward. The heated debate between Asif Ali and Fareed Ahmed was also brought into the discussion, it was pretty obvious that the way Pakistan snatched the match from Afghanistan is really appreciable, everyone should show a sportsman spirit and always keep the game a game because sometimes such incidents got prolonged.
The important news of the day was shared with the viewers Imran Khan submitted a detailed 19-page-long response in IHC, the respite of the show cause notice will be expired tomorrow and all the eyes are on the case decision that whether Imran Khan will be released or will be convicted. Imran Khan feels regret about his uttered words related to the female magistrate but he never asks for an apology. It is questionable whether the response of Imran Khan will be admissible or not. It was also brought into a discussion that Imran Khan and his followers think that whether it is the decision of the appointment of an army chief or any other case it is not in anyone's hands to arrest Imran Khan because he is a popular leader, further attributes of the popular leaders were also discussed.
It was brought into a discussion that the appointment of the new COAS is being targeted by Imran Khan and he is doing it in the public gathering and pointing out the finger at the matter of the merit of an appointment of the new COAS, It is still under discussion that who will be the new COAS? The statements of Imran Khan are being contradictory day by day and he is self-obsessed because he doesn't want anyone to be the leader of the house except him. Imran Khan is playing the final round of his politics and the result is not known by anyone moreover, the other party members of Imran Khan are getting distant from his contradictory statements of Imran Khan and really show unknown behavior from it.
The statement of Imran Khan in the Faisalabad Jalsa was discussed that how Imran Khan is giving a contradictory statement against the PAK Army which really effect the reputation of the institutions, he actually wants to exert pressure on the institutions. The series of contradictory statements of Imran Khan is underway. It was also rumored that there held a background meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan and now who is seeking for deal is a big question mark.
The telethon of Imran Khan was discussed in the video that he collected more than 500 billion and it is also being criticized how much it is true is still questionable, the top trend on social media related to Angelina Jolie was also brought into the discussion and it was because Maryam Nawaz yesterday visited the affectees and wore the same suit like Angelina Jolie and the comparative analysis of both was also shared, whatever has been done by Maryam Nawaz was filmed. The telethon of Imran Khan was also brought into a discussion that people are questioned about the major collections but being a witness of many telethons I must say that the people of the UK really want to donate for a better cause but they always find a credible source for it.
The main and important news was discussed in this video that Imran Khan got big relief today after getting the interim bail from the ATC, Imran Khan who got a narrative of resistance also gave a clear message to the neutrals that he will not back, he actually knows that he has got the majority of the people and he is famous enough to win the next elections moreover, whatever happened in 2018 was also known by all that how PTI won the elections although the establishment is not with the Imran khan so they should avoid any misadventure for the sake of the sovereignty of the country.
The background of the brutality was discussed with the viewers that how the journalists and the politicians in the past faced the brutality in the era of dictatorship, the victimization which Shahbaz Gill was also brought into a discussion that how he got tortured physically, what he is bearing could not be done by the police but there is someone else behind all this, few pictures of Shahbaz Gill are also coming on the screen which is actually blurred and Shahbaz Gill has not identified in it, different evidence are also submitted in the IHC just to get justice in return.
The video's primary purpose is to give the viewers important news that the decision of the session court related to the physical remand of Shahbaz Gill is reserved and will be narrated at 3 pm. It was also discussed that Imran Khan also claimed that Shahbaz Gill got brutally tortured in jail, the provincial interior minister Hashim Dogar clearly denied the fact that Shahbaz Gill is beaten in jail but now he took a UTurn and said the life of Shahbaz Gill is in danger. The matter became a shuttle cock between Punjab and the capital as the government really wants to take the custody of Shabaz Gill and it the impact of political victimization is getting deeper with it.
A heart-wrenching incident happened in Faisalabad and that's what I have discussed in this video. I am amazed at where is the rule of law. The incident happened with the medical student whose friend's father wanted to marry her and after her rejection, she was abducted by his brother from her home and tortured by a bunch of people, she was exploited sexually and it all happened in front of her brother and they filmed the whole scenario moreover, the ones who have done this asked for Rs10 lac just to be quiet and with reference of not uploading the video of brutality anywhere, sadly the victim was threatened not to register F.I.R but the CCPO Faisalabad took notice of it after the video goes viral on social media and the main culprits are behind the bars now.
Highlights of Independence Day Event | Rehan Tariq
Taliban seize over KPK | Government is in Trouble | Facts by Rehan Tariq
The purpose of the video was to share some important with the audience, the arrest of Shahbaz Gill was brought into the discussion, and the series of party's main leads denying the narrative of Shahbaz Gill continues. COAS General Bajwa's visit to Britain and why this visit is important were also brought into the discussion, it was predicted that it might be the last month for the government. Furthermore, the different happenings that happened in August were also shared, August is also not good for the PTI as well, the tempo of most of the PTI members is changing now, and maybe it is a sign of change and it might be possible that Nawaz Sharif will come back in September.
The purpose of the video is to narrate the audience that who actually is Umm e Hareem and how dynamically the economy is stabilizing by the initiatives taken by Umm e Hareem, the dollar price has depreciated. and after the decision of the prohibited funding case it was assumed that if the decision would come before then the economy is not wasted like today, but it is a false propaganda, the telephonic conversation of general Bajwa with UAE and KSA was also discussed in the video and it was also brought into discussion that it clearly depicts that the government is so incompetent that they can't manage the issues. It is clearly shown that there are no elections in this year, the government asked to dissolve the provincial assemblies for the elections, the KPK government got 36 cars from the American ambassador also become a point of criticism for PTI because they were putting allegations of international conspiracy on one hand and took cars on the other hand and lastly it was discussed that Nawaz Sharif is coming back.
It was discussed that whenever we protect the American interest we always get the financial favour in terms of dollar, it was also seen when Musharraf supports America in 9/11, General Bajwa talked to Wendy Sherman and Aymen Alzahwari shot dead right after 2 days, foreign office clearly stated that no Pakistani airspace was used in all this. Americans are celebrating because when Osama Bin Laden was shot dead there was a government of the democrats and still when Aymen Alzahawiri shot dead there is a government of democrats again because elections are round the corner that's why they are celebrating. America is aso instigating Taiwan and China to fight each other.
Imran Khan is in trouble|Neutrals and government on one page|Details by Rehan Tariq
Imran Khan arrest, ECL, disqualification reference | PDM Decision to dissolve PTI | Rehan Tariq
The tragic news of the unfortunate helicopter crash of the Pak Army officials was shared in this video, it all started when the contact of the air traffic controller with the helicopter got disconnected, and the facts of the incident were also shared. The details of the Pak Army officials were also shared, and the further details of the helicopter were also shared. There are many speculations and controversies about it but there will be an inquiry on it and then the details will come out, the preliminary details of the incidents have been shared just to aware those who are not known of this incident.
The purpose of the video is to share the most important decision by the ECP which was given after delaying it for 8 years, three members bench presided by Sikandar Sultan Raja gave this decision against PTI, and also the show cause notice was also issued. The petitioner Akbar S Babar was also there and also the implications of the decisions are very much strict. The details of the case were also shared with the audience, Imran Khan can also be incompetent constitutionally, as soon as the neutrals are out on the back then the decision of the case has been given, If PTI will not get any relief from the ECP then Imran Khan could be incompetent like Nawaz Sharif.
The purpose of the video was to share the much-awaited decision which is delayed for the last 8 years and ten ECP is going to announce the decision tomorrow, the serious implications of the decision were also brought into the discussion. The historical perspective of the prohibited funding case was also discussed and how the government taken up this issue and pressurize the ECP to give a decision on an immediate basis.
The topic of discussion in this video was bankruptcy, the main question which was raised in this video was whether is Pakistan heading towards bankruptcy, the details related to the bankruptcy were also shared just to make it clear for the commoners because most people don't know about it moreover, the list of the countries who already suffered the bankruptcy were also shared. It was also brought into a discussion that we should improve our exports but if we can't do that then we should say no to the imports, we should boycott the imported products, the money will be depreciated and the dollar will be sky rocketing.
The content of the video is based on the important happening that the government is about to go in this month or the coming one, the vote of no confidence could e is taken and the assemblies could also be dissolved, the important statement of Pervaiz Khattak was also shared, he said that the government could b fallen in 15 mins if Imran Khan said. The news that the government said the COAS to talk to the USA is somehow a bit different because COAS didn't seek permission for. The decision on the prohibited funding case will also be given soon and the PDM meeting will be held tomorrow related to the condition of the new election will also be decided.
The content of the video is about the news that the relationship between Imran Khan and the establishment is restored, the second important thing is the inconvenience which seems in the allies and the government who accepted the 11 MNAs of PTI. It was also brought into the discussion who actually got favors in every aspect, now it is decided that no case is strong against Imran Khan except the foreign funding case and the decision will be released when it will be the right time, the revelation published in the financial times was also shared with the audience and other important facts were also shared.
The purpose of the video is to share the news with the audience that the meeting which is pending for a very long time finally happened, now the live series of meetings started. The PDM meeting was also brought in to discussion and they will definitely work on a new strategy moreover, Nawaz Sharif also seems reluctant to agree with the current government. Apparently, no one seems to get a profit, neither the PPP nor PMLN or JUIF. PML N finally accepted that they got deceived and that whatever happened to them is bad. The important meeting between COAS and Imran Khan was also discussed in the video.
This is about to inform the audience that there is a judicial coup promulgated in the country and the decision on the petition filed by Pervaiz Elahi made this impact stronger, there is someone on the front end and the decision maker will be playing from the backend. The supreme judicial council was also brought into the discussion, and Qazi Faez Esa also wrote a letter to the chief justice of Pakistan to postpone the meeting which is called on the 28th, and that meeting is actually for the elevation of the judges. It was discussed that Qazi Faez Isa is the senior judge and is a candidate for the next chief justice and he will be stopped from all possible ways he is stopped to be in the bench constituted for the political hearing.
The aim of the video was to share some news that there was a meeting held between Imran Khan and Pervaiz Elahi, it was quite interesting, and Imran Khan also appreciated Pervaiz Elahi. It was also discussed that Rana Sana Ullah spread a rumor that they will enforce the Governor's rule in Punjab if he will be banned in Punjab, there are four options for the government just to tackle the situation, they were also shared. The powers that be also don't want the government to do an important appointment in November and they are in favor of fresh elections, the best possible way for the government is to get out from this government and conduct fresh elections.
The important news shared in this video is that the much-awaited decision finally came and Pervaiz Elahi become the CM of Punjab, it is an important decision and the court gave a decision to take an oath from the incumbent CM. It was discussed that the PML N members are protesting and it was foreseen by the PML N that's why they stepped back from the proceedings, It is looking unsee that Imran Khan will direct to dissolve the assembly, whatever happens, is quite interesting. It was also brought into a discussion that if the rifts will no be resolved then the economic uncertainty prevails and it will have an impact on the public.
Supreme Court Big Decision | Why Asif Ali Zardari is in Dubai ? | Details By Rehan Tariq
The topic of discussion in this video was the press conference by the senior leadership of the PDM, the statements of Maryam Nawaz and others in that press conference were also brought into the discussion, how Maryam Nawaz pointed out the role of the Supreme court and also stated that how the Supreme court gave relief to Imran Khan in the past. The video also discussed that the rifts between the establishment and the current government are still underway and the government failed to perform the way it had to perform.
The content of this video is based on the comparative analysis of the dharnas among PTI and PML N that which are actually the basic reasons for the successful and flop dharnas of both of them. First of all, which celebrities are with the PTI and who are with the PML N, it was also brought into a discussion about who has the ability to grab the attention of the audience by hosting the event, and which leader kept the audience engaged. PTI has the guts to pull the crowd especially they pull out women whereas, PML N failed to pull the crowd, especially women, further comparisons were also shared.
The aim of the video is to guide the audience that there is n environment of a trust deficit, it is also developing between the new government and the establishment, and it was also discussed how the establishment stepped back in the by-elections. It was also brought into a discussion that the ruling given by Dost Mazari is based on weak grounds and it will definitely bring a constitutional crisis, everyone is fighting for their own ego and early elections are demanded and the current government decided to conduct the elections on immediate basis.
The main purpose of this video was to tell the viewers about the ongoing political situation that PTI once again got a big relief from the Supreme Court of Pakistan and also what is going on after the ruling given by the deputy speaker Punjab Assembly, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued a summon to Dost Mazari and issued a notice to Hamza Shahbaz and the other members after a petition filed by the PML Q, the orders issued by the committee comprised on three judges.
It was elaborated in the video on who became the CM Punjab and who actually won the run-off elections, it was made under the light of the constitution that how article 63-A was exploited and how the democracy got demolished in the Punjab assembly, it was also brought into a discussion that how important was the Gujrati letter and how Zardari played a vital role in the elections. The details of article 63 clause 2b were also shared so that it would be easily understandable for the viewers that what actually happened.
The appointment of a new Chairman of NAB was brought into the discussion, Aftab Sultan became the new chairman of NAB, and who is he and what are the real reasons for his appointment were also shared with the viewers. In the 2013 elections, he was appointed DG IB as a reward by the PML N with two extensions what was the reason behind it was also shared, and what he had done in his tenure of being an IG Punjab was also shared furthermore the other details and his affiliation with the political situation was also discussed.
The agenda of this video is to share the news that is really heart-wrenching, the American Embassy's complaints and demands to take an action were also brought into the discussion, a foreign woman was raped by a tour operator along with his two friends. The reason that women that why came to Pakistan was also shared with the audience moreover different perspectives of the story were also discussed and an FIR was also launched by the victim. There might be a conspiracy behind it to defame Pakistan, different questions were also raised which are still unanswered.
The topic of discussion was that the race of the CM Punjab has got faster after the by-elections in Punjab, the horse-trading is at its peak and which committee has been constituted for horse-trading was brought into the discussion. It was also discussed that a petition has been filed against Rana Sana Ullah and Maryam Aurangzeb by Pervez Elahi for the court of contempt in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. There is news that 9 members from the PTI will come up to do a press conference and will share their stance related to the new CM Moreover, the opinion is different in the PTI related to the new CM Punjab where on the other hand, PML N is fully stick on the appointment of Hamza Shahbaz as being a CM.
Talaffuz | A Masterclass On Urdu Pronunciation | Rehan Tariq | Video 6
In this video, it was discussed that after securing 15 seats out of 20 the chairman of PTI Imran Khan is continually exerting pressure on the CEC, it was discussed how the CEC was appreciated by the PTI when they were in the government but now they are criticizing him. Ex-Secretary ECP Kunwar Dilshad was invited to take his stance on the foreign funding and it was also asked that can Shahbaz Sharif being a PM really demands for a decision on the foreign funding case?
In this video, it was discussed that after winning with the clear majority of PTI, what will happen in the next 24-48 hours as they are much more important, Imran Khan should be appreciated for what he has done because it has not been done by anyone else in the past. Which politics Imran Khan has done and which narrative he adopted in the last 3 months were also discussed. The number game of the by-polls was also shared with the viewers, the next 24-48 hours are very much important for the country's politics, and the performance of the government was also discussed in the video.
In this video, it was discussed who will be on the seat of CM as the by-polls are underway, the discussion on the alleged leaked audio of Sheikh Rasheed which was related to the member of Punjab Assembly Jaleel Sharaqpuri who resigned from his seat right before the by-elections. Who is behind the resignation of Jaleel Sharaqpuri? The narrative of Jaleel Shraqpuri was also discussed, and he also gave a very interesting statement related to the phone calls from Mr. X and Y and also clearly stated that are the neutrals really neutral or not? The number game of the by-elections was also discussed.
Talaffuz | A Masterclass On Urdu Pronunciation | Rehan Tariq | Video 4
In this video it has been discussed that Joe Biden is heading towards the big mission and his mission is to compel Saudi Arabia to bow down, there is a big roaming around about the visit of Joe Biden to the Middle East. It was also discussed which countries actually accepted Israel, the press conference of Joe Biden was also discussed in the Vlog, Biden actually wanted to play a role of mediator between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The story of two islands named Sinafir and Tiran was also shared. Moreover, those who controlled these islands are actually controlling Israel because both Islands are heading towards Israel, it has also been discussed who controls these Islands and if Saudi Arabia will accept Israel then, where will Pakistan stand?
In this video, it was discussed how the death of Bilal Kakakhail became the reason for the linguistic biases, the 35 years old Bilal KakaKhail who was a resident of Hyderabad was brutally beaten up by the owner of the restaurant because of the billing issue and it is clearly evident in his post mortem report that there are no traces of the bullets on his body but his lungs burst because of the brutality, it was also discussed that how the politicians are involved in the politics of the country despite of the fact that the country might be heading towards the civil war because if the disputes are spreading in the Sindh and will be heading towards Karachi then it will be alarming for the future.
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