The organizational structure of the media|self recognition

While conducting a lecture for the students of “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, the topic of the lecture was to actually guide the students about the organizational structure of the media house, I also elaborated on the duties of each of them and how the team sitting in the mainstream channel plays a pivotal role in the news making, how each resource of the channel performs their tasks wholeheartedly just to deliver news on time, I also gave equal chance to all the students to participate by asking different questions which came to their minds.

It was also brought into a discussion how confidence matters a lot and how it is important for a good personality, just showing that I engaged them in a small activity I asked them to choose a random topic and write a few lines on it, then I asked them to come on the stage and speak what they wrote, they did the same and they realized that why this activity is for? I guided the students that self-recognition is pretty much important if they really want to get success and move forward in their lives. I summed up the session by answering different questions.

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