Terminologies Types of Camera shots 

While delivering a lecture to the media aspirants for the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, today I started the class by asking different questions from the students related to the previous lecture and the purpose of it was to know whether they remember about the previous lecture of not. As far as today’s lecture is concerned it was based on the terminologies and types of Camera shots, the aim of the class was to make the aspirants aware.

I educate the students about the different camera shots and also guided them that it is basically necessary to be good in everything if you want to be an anchor, different queries of the students were also taken in the class, what is the angle of news and how much it is important was also guided to the students. I tried to keep the physical and online students on the same page by giving them equal chances, different examples related to every terminology were also shared so that aspirants clearly understand what the topic is all about.

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