“Terminologies of News | Organizational Structure of Media”

While conducting a session of the media aspirants of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore. It was conducted for developing an understanding among the students about the basic terminologies of the news moreover, I shared the types of camera shots. I also guided the students that it is basically necessary to be good in everything if you want to be an anchor, different queries of the students were also added in the class and I also tried to keep the physical and online students on the same page by giving them the chance equally. Different examples related to every terminology were also shared so that aspirants clearly understand what the topic is all about.

The Organogram of the channel was also shared so that it will be clear to all the students that behind a news channel there is a hardworking team who works really hard from the beginning of gathering the news till it got aired. Different tasks are assigned to everyone moreover, I also shared the whole procedure that how news starts from ticker and how it got aired, I summed up the lecture by sharing my own experience that how my journey has started in the media industry, I took questions of the different students just to clear their ambiguities so that everything would be clearly understood.

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