Studio Class| Teleprompter Reading…

While conducting a session of the students of “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, the lecture was about having a strong grip on the political issues and how it plays a pivotal role to be a good journalist, I asked the students about the ongoing political situations, a few of them knew about it but a few of them don’t. I asked the students to make OC/VO on their own and asked them to do reporting on the different given topics, I also asked the online students to participate in the same way, and they participated well. I guided them that how to read the news and what are the basic elements which can improve the reading of news, I also shared my personal experience of reading news.

Students tried to read the news in a proper manner but there was a pronunciation issue and also, they don’t know how to read the news by changing the pitch of their voice, I guided them hopefully, they will work on it. I preferred to teach the aspirants how to frame the questions while talking to any reporter. The basic focus of the lecture was reading the news and improvising the pronunciation and also guiding them that listening to the news and having a good hold on the current affairs can lead them towards success, I advised them to make videos on YouTube so that it can boost their confidence, I concluded a session by doing a short video with the students.

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