One-on-One Session

During a one-on-one session with students of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring,” the key objective of the session was to provide students an equal chance of catharsis regarding their expectations with this diploma and what they want to achieve in their careers. Most of them are professionals in their field, but they are still worried about their future. I tried to steer them in the correct direction, just to show them that they can accomplish whatever they want with their lives, I inquired about their preferences as well as why they wanted to work in the media industry; most of them stated that they want to be on television.

I personally believe in catharsis, which is why I gave every student an equal opportunity to speak their hearts out, to say what they couldn’t say in a public gathering because I know most people are introverts and can’t express their feelings in front of everyone. I also gave the online students of the one-on-one session the opportunity to say and ask whatever was on their minds and hearts, so they could feel that they were here with us. The entire session went well, and hopefully, I addressed all of the questions that the students had, and I tried hard to steer them in the right direction so that it would be successful.

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