News Reading |Basics of Reading

While delivering a lecture to the media aspirants of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, I guided the students that how to be focused enough while reading the news headlines and how much energy is required to read the news headlines as it really shows the spark and enthusiasm of an anchor. I have also shared the tricks of reading a news headline because it should be read in the given time and I also shared my experience that how I learned this trick to read it in time. I was also focused to guide the students that how punctuation, flow, pronunciation, and tone are important while reading the news because if it would be monotonous then it can never be fascinating for the viewers and it really could not give any feel to them

If anyone is reading the headlines then a feeling of joy or sorrow should be depicted in it and above all, an anchor should be confident enough to read it in flow for that it required practice and it is a famous saying that “Practice makes a man perfect”. I also gave equal chance to all the students to come and read like I have read the headlines so that their confidence will boost and they will not get nervous while reading it. I concluded the lecture by giving them a task to perform and also asked them to read the news in louder voices so that they should be loud and clear and also answered the queries of the students because my main focus is to give them the guidance they are seeking for.

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