Media Production|What is Journalism?

While delivering a lecture to the media aspirants of “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, the lecture was started by taking a small test from the students about the last lectures moreover the main objective of the lecture was to guide the students about the main terminologies which are basically used in media, in the meanwhile I have also shared  my personal experience with the students and the journey that how I came in to this field, today’s lecture was about the production and different angles and types of shots of camera were also elaborated in the class.

I took questions from the aspirants just to clear their ambiguities, I was focused on guiding the students that what journalism is all about and what are the basic essentials that actually made a news, journalism is basically comprises on 3 questions and I elaborated it in the class, I concluded the session by doing a healthy debate on the various topics and guided the students as well that to know the difference between right and wrong is their basic right and they should be daring enough if they want to be in the media and their vision should be clear in this regard.

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