Introduction and Essentials of Anchoring

While conducting the first lecture of the media aspirants of “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore on 5th March 2022′. The main objective of the lecture was the basic introduction about the course and to ask the students why they want to become an anchor? I have also shared the course contents with the students just to develop an understanding that what are they actually going to learn in the session overall. I have also shared my personal experience with the aspirants that how to look good and how to beautify your personality.

It was also shared with the students that to look good on screen, to have a good command of Urdu literature, have good communication skills, to be passionate enough, and to have contemporary skills are the five basic essentials to be an anchor. I concluded the lecture by taking the random questions from the students in the class moreover I gave the equal chance to online students to participate in the class.

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