Importance of pronunciation in Reading…

While giving a lecture to the media aspirants for the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET, the main objective of the lecture was to guide the students that how much reading is important and for that how pronunciation plays a vital role. I gave an equal chance to reading to all the aspirants so that I can see their flow of reading and how they pronounce any word, I have also shared my personal experience moreover I guided them that how they can improve their reading and pronunciation by listening to the good speakers so that they can focus on how they utter the words properly.

I have also read the same writing in a flow and also focus on the pronunciation so that it would be easily understandable for the aspirants what I am trying to teach them, I asked them to do different exercises like reading different books or listening to audiobooks or good speakers so that it’s easy for them to know how to read anything and pronounce any word in a better way. I concluded the session by having the Q/A session that all the ambiguities in the minds of the students could be cleared, online students also participated well and I fully tried to answer all the queries, overall, it was a good session and I must appreciate every participant that they came all the way to Lahore in this Holy month of Ramadan in the condition of fasting, hats off to them.

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