How to Read News

While giving a studio class on 22nd January 2022’ to the media aspirants of “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, I guided the students that how to read news from the teleprompter and also teach them that how to pronounce the word and punctuate the sentence in a proper manner, Moreover I guided them about the flow of news that flow is pretty much important to read any news and also how to avoid fumbles how to improvise yourself was the highlight of the lecture.

I have also conducted a one on one session with the students on personality grooming, variations on their pictures were also shared with them and also guide them that they can groom their personality by adopting the new suggestions given to them, it was a good session overall and hopefully, it will be helpful for all the aspirants, as I really want all of them to groom their personality and improvise themselves, hopefully my advice must be acted upon.

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