How to look confident on camera?

While giving the lecture to the students of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, it was actually about how to overcome camera fright and how to speak in front of the camera by keeping your body movement controlled. I initially started the class by discussing the ongoing by-polls in Punjab just to get to know how much the students are aware of the elections; I equally gave chance to everyone to participate in a small activity so that they can actively participate by facing the camera.

I guided the media aspirants that self-awareness is very much important if you really want to look confident, comfortable, and authentic while facing the camera, I gave a small demo to them and asked them to come one by one and introduce themselves while facing the camera, I also asked the online students to join us in this activity and they participated well. Hopefully, the students have got help from this session and they will definitely overcome their camera fright as I really want each and everyone to be empowered and get out of this social pressure.

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