Essentials and Basics of Reading News

While giving a studio class to the media aspirants of the “Professional diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, I gave chance to the students to perform like an anchor or a reporter, for that, I assigned different tasks to the different students so that it would be easily understandable for the students that what I am trying to teach them because as we all know practice makes a man perfect so my first target was to boost the energy and motivate the students to perform well because they had never faced the camera before,  and they were nervous and confused so it was my prime obligation to make them comfortable so that they can pursue their passion wholeheartedly, I asked some of the students to focus on themselves as well that what is required to look good on the screen and where improvisation is needed.

I always feel blessed to guide the students and share my experience because I think it could guide them and it could be helpful for them in the future. I always prefer to share my experience with them so that they could know what a person has been through for achieving their goal and how much hard work is required in this regard because a youngster is the fate of the nation and any nation could be successful by working hard as hard work is the key to success and we should be diligent enough to achieve our goals. I conclude the session by giving an individual task to everyone so that they could do practice and make their tone, pronunciation, and pitch, even more, better, as always, I gave equal chance to the online students to record the opening and news stuff so that they can feel the same way as the physical students

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