Components of Anchoring-Importance of Digital Media

The topic of the lecture given to the media aspirants for the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore was “How to improve your pronunciation and the Importance of digital media “. The basic objective of the lecture was to guide the students that everyone wants to come on screen for that they should have to be presentable because nothing is impossible and I was actually focused to guide the students about it. Moreover, I also guided them on the importance of digital media and that it will become much more important in the future and I elaborated on everything by quoting different examples.

It was also brought into a discussion that transformation is important to be an anchor and how presentable one should be if they want to be an anchor or they want to come on screen, I shared my journey that how I worked hard to look good on screen.  The components of Anchoring were also shared with the students with appropriate examples, and observation is important was also told to the students, I concluded the session by answering different questions of the students just to clear their ambiguity.

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