Citizen Journalism | What is State and its types?

While giving a lecture to the students of “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, I started the lecture by demonstrating different videos to the students which were taught theoretically in the previous classes, I asked every student even the online one which type of news it is so that they can easily differentiate different types of news. Students participated well and they were asked different questions so that they will easily differentiate the types of news.

In the second half, I tried to develop an understanding of the civic sense among the students, I also asked about their constituencies just to get it to know how much aware they are about their surroundings. I gave them a lecture on state and its essential elements and also stated the difference between state and government, I made it easier for the student by quoting different examples just to make them understand the different types of state and their essential elements, I also elaborated the four pillars of the state, I concluded the lecture by answering different questions so that the minds of the students would be cleared.

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