Certificate distribution Ceremony

While attending a certificate distribution ceremony for the pass-out students of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” at UET Lahore, I interacted with the aspirants. I asked them about the experiences that they have gone through. I asked the students about their takeaways from the diploma. I am glad that I have got a good response from them. The aspirants shared their experiences of how this diploma became so beneficial for them to move forward, it was also good to know that many of the students are doing good on the digital platform who were used to be camera shy before doing it, now they are empowered and confident enough to speak in front of the masses.

I got positive vibes from the aspirants that how they changed themself and how they got motivated by some of my lectures, it is always a pleasure meeting with the media aspirants because they always have a spark and devotion to do something in their life, they always have a spark and motivation to move forward. I concluded the session by distributing the certificates among the students, I also asked for feedback to overcome the shortcomings and in the end, I got good feedback from the students.

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