Catharsis|One-to-one session

While having a one-to-one session with the students of the “Professional Diploma in News Anchoring” the main objective of the session was actually to give an equal chance of catharsis to the students what are their expectations with this diploma and what they want to achieve in their life? Most of them are professionals in their own fields but are still ambiguous and confused about their future, I tried to guide them right path just to guide them that they can do whatever they want to in their life. I asked about their preferences as well and also asked them why they want to come into the media industry, most of them said that it is their desire to be on the TV while others have a passion to do something adventurous in their lives, I appreciated them all that they came all the way to Lahore in this hot weather and int he conditions of fasting which really shows their passion.

I personally believe in the process of catharsis that’s why I gave equal chance to all the students to speak their hearts out, to say what they can’t say in the public gathering because I know most of the people are introverts and they can’t express their feeling in front of all. I also gave the opportunity to the online students of the one-to-one session so that they can also feel that they are here with us and provided the opportunity to say and ask whatever is in their minds and hearts. The whole session went well and hopefully, I answered all the queries that were according to the expectations of the students, I tried hard to guide them in a proper manner so that it will be helpful for them in their future endeavors.

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